Jumaat, 8 Oktober 2010

pasT~pReseNt n beYond :)

-Sitting On A Restaurant-

Syafira : Can we eat now?

Izyana : Yeah! I’m starving..

Syafira : Ok.. Then, let’s eat.. Waiter!

Fatiyah : Yuhuu... I’m coming! Yes Miss, may I take ur order..?

Syafira: Hey! u look familiar..

Izyana: Is it u Fatiyah?

Fatiyah : Err.. Ya.. U sound like Yana.. Yana right?

Izyana : Ya! I’ts me.. Hi Fatiyah.. Its been a while..

Syafira : Yeah!! We miss u so much..

Fatiyah : Hehehe... So what are u girls doing here?

Syafira : Nothing.. we’re just hanging out.. Today is holiday, remember?

Fatiyah : Oh yea.. I forgot.. Well..tis is how it is when u work at a place like tis.. U’ll have to work even for holidays..

Izyana : Yeah..we know.. We felt sorry for u..

Fatiyah : Don’t be.. I’m ok though.. So what do u girls want to order?

Syafira : Me first.. Emm.. I want to order 1 slice of chocolate cake and 1 glass of cold chocolate with whipped cream on top..

Izyana : yumm!!!chocolate…I want it too…i’ll take 1 slice of chocolate cheese cake and 1 glass of cappuccino..

Fatiyah : What?chocolate???You have got to be kidding me..

Izyana : What??Nothings wrong with that..Just get our orders please…can you??

Fatiyah : Ok.. I’ll be right back..

0rders delivered…

Syafira : Wooo.. I can’t wait to eat my chocolate cake.. I just love chocolate..

Izyana : Me too.. I’ve been crazy about chocolate since primary school.

Fatiyah : Yuck!! Do u know that chocolate can make us fat?

Izyana : No! U’re wrong.. Chocolate doesn’t make us fat.. It will only affect our brain, skin and our feelings.. It doesn’t affect our stomach..

Syafira : Yes..She’s right.. Chocolate stimulates our body and increase our memory level.. It will also reduce and control our stress.. Isn’t it great?

Fatiyah : Really? Doesn’t it makes us fat or damage our teeth?

Izyana : No.. It doesn’t.. The things that make us fat is something that is high in cholesterol, oil and fat.. Also, our teeth are damage by the carbonated drinks..

Fatiyah : Still..its sweet though.. Sweets damage our teeth, throat and our body.. Sometimes It also gives us headache and stomach ache..

Syafira : That is so wrong.. The fact chocolate is sweet, is undeniable.. But it won’t effect our teeth, throat and body.. To avoid risk, drink some mineral water after eating chocolate or any other  kind of food.. Additionally, chocolate reduce the amount of pimple on our face and controls the rate  of excess oil that is released..

Fatiyah : Really? Well, I never knew that..Plus, chocolate do cost a fortune.. To buy 3 bars of chocolate is already RM 15.. I don’t want to waste a lot just to taste one.. In fact, I never thought of trying it..

Izyana : Fatiyah, not at all of them cost that high.. Only some of them are expensive.. and those are branded ones..there are lots of kind of chocolate…u just have to choose the right one..Choose one that is less in calorie, sugar and fat but rich in goodness..

Fatiyah : Emm..I don’t know..maybe you’re right…But I still don’t believe it until everything that u said are proven..

Syafira : Magnificent..No problem.. Right Yana.. We’ll treat you some chocolate after this.. Oh man.. U have got to try it, ok???

Izyana : Yea.. I agree..

Fatiyah : Emm.. Ok..Right after I finish my work..k..In about half an hour..

Syafira : Haha..oukey..

-The End-

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